Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christmas In France? We Think So!

Christmas, you ask? How can I be thinking about Christmas? It’s still summer! Well, did you know that most holiday vacations book months out and can often be unavailable the longer you wait? We don’t want you to miss out on any holiday bookings- so we thought we’d inform you about traveling during the holidays. If you’re thinking of traveling during the holidays is a nightmare, we are here to tell you it’s actually one of the best times to travel! With less competition, it’s easier to pick the destination of your choice, take your loved ones with you (often cheaper during a low season), and then celebrate the holiday together in a more unique way.

Traveling on one of our barges or riverboats during the holiday season is the perfect way to unwind and relax with those closest to you. We will take care of everything, from your itinerary, meals, and most importantly, making sure you and your guests spend the holiday in ultimate luxury. 

Spending Christmas on one of our barges or riverboats also gives you a chance to see France from some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. You can pick your tour from our website and set up as many or as few activities as you wish. What makes staying on one of our barges especially amazing during the holidays? Once you unpack, all you have to do is relax. We will take you everywhere you want to be, allowing you to see the most of France while on your trip- without all the stress!

This winter, we are offering trips through the Alsace region, Bordeaux region, Paris, and Provence. Cruises vary from three and four nights, with multiple options through each region. Whether you love the lights of Paris, the lush countryside of Alsace, the wine in Bordeaux, or the beauty of the Provence, we can provide you with the ultimate France experience. If you want to read more about our holiday cruise options, visit  

So, this holiday season, take some of the stress off of your plate! We would love to get you set up for the perfect holiday vacation. You can read more on our website here:, or call toll-free 1-866-498-3920. We look forward to hearing from you and giving you your dream French holiday vacation!


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