Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spotlight: C’est La Vie

This luxury, 8-passenger cruise will take you through the Burgundy canal in rural France, mooring at picturesque medieval villages as well as meandering though miles of magnificent countryside spotted with fantastic wineries and chateaux’s. Guests will not only get to enjoy the luxuries on board the C’est La Vie, but also the regional wines, chesses and exceptional cuisine.

The ever-changing scenery of the Canal de Bourgogne will not only capture your sight, but will also provide you with infinite landscapes of vineyards, pretty towns, and villages. Enjoy exploring the historic villages of rural France, with their historic architecture, local foods and culture, guests will be able to reflect on the times past and present with C’est La Vie. This fully crewed charter offers an amazing opportunity to float serenely through Gothic Abby’s, Wineries and the rich and colorful heritage of the France as it unfolds before you.

As one of the newest luxury hotel barges, it is fully equipped with modern conveniences to provide guests with everything they would need on their trip. The cherry wood paneled walls and ceiling edged in black iron wood give the four spacious staterooms a feeling of warmth. There are also ample windows to let in natural light. All staterooms have an en suite bathroom with marble topped vanity units. On the upper deck, guests can enjoy a lounge and dining area, which are air-conditioned for comfort and have lots of windows for guests to enjoy the passing scenery. The outside sun deck features a beautiful teak floor and furniture that is perfect to dine alfresco, or simply enjoy the views from. The barge is also equipped with bicycles for guests to enjoy exploring villages and the countryside.

Overall, the C’est La Vie will provide a breathtaking sojourn deep into the French countryside- providing guests with the luxurious travel experience they come to expect when travelling with France Cruises. To learn more, visit our website here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Spotlight: CroisiEurope- Bordeaux

Floating through the valleys of the Medoc, Libourne and the Entre-deux-Mers, the Bordeaux region is both stunning and mysterious. This cruise takes you through the largest area of the AOC vineyards in the world. You will discover the Pauillac and Medoc, Blaye, Saint-Emilion, the chateau de Roquetaille, Cadillac and Bordeaux. The cruise will also take you through the two great rivers and the Gironde estuary. The scenery will offer complex and colorful mosaics of scenery, textures, and moods- all of it breathtaking and worth bringing and extra memory card for pictures. This rich and diverse region will leave a lasting impression on you, and our cruise will leave a lasting feeling of luxury and relaxation.

Carefully maintained and partially renovated each year, the CroisiEurope fleet is largely made up of recently built vessels, less than five years old, all with Veritas certification. The leading European riverboat tour operator, the CroisiEurope company owes its international reputation to its seriousness, its dynamism, its sense of innovation, and its recognized value for money of long standing. On board, you will find all of the amenities and comfort expected on a France Cruises trip. With a knowledgeable staff, ready to point you in the right direction, arrange day trips, as well as answer any questions about the region; your trip through Bordeaux will be the trip of a lifetime.

All of the cabins are located above water level and offer a panoramic view of the scenery. Spacious and comfortable, the cabins have either twin beds or a double bed with a bathroom (featuring a shower, WC and skink with towels provided), and 220V electricity. They cabins are also equipped with satellite television, radio, hairdryer and safe. Some cabins are also equipped for the (physically) disabled. As well as the cabins, there is also a luxurious sundeck, where guests can enjoy taking in the sum, relaxing, or admiring the beautiful scenery. There is a lounge, bar and library where guests will be able to enjoy pre-dinner drinks, dinner dances, as well as a large selection of books. There is also a souvenir shop on board, allowing passengers to bring home postcards, stamps, souvenirs, and practical articles forgotten at home.

If you would like more information about the CroisiEurope- Bordeaux cruise, please visit our website here.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tips For Shopping At French Markets

One of the best parts about travelling through France is shopping at the outdoor and indoor markets throughout the country. From specialty markets, like the fish market in Marseille and the renown flea markets in Paris, to the many community based markets with locally grown produce, there is never a lack of great finds and treasures when visiting a French market. If you are a treasure lover, cuisine lover, or antique lover, a French market will seem like a little slice of heaven when you stumble upon one.

The food markets are great for experiencing the local cuisine. Each market specializes in that regions famous cuisine and is a great place to start when looking for an authentic feel of the regions cuisine. The locals only grow seasonal items and items traditional to the region- you are able to taste and experience food as the locals do, as well as barter your way through your trip. The markets carry the freshest meats, cheeses, and produce and are a great place to get a cheap snack, or prepare a picnic to enjoy at the spot of your choosing. No matter where you are in France, you will find treats at every market.

Food markets need little tips, other than bring cash and a bag to carry your goods back with you. If you are looking to head to a market to go clothes or trinket shopping however, there are some general tips that will make the experience much more enjoyable.

  • Go early. The best stuff sells out fast, going early will ensure you get a look at all the best finds.
  • Bring a basket or canvas bag. Will many vendors have plastic bags, they aren’t very practical for carrying around purchases, bringing your own bag will allow you to buy lots of goodies and carry them comfortably.
  • Bring cash, especially smaller bills. Markets are cash driven; having small bills will allow you to negotiate better as well.
  • Walk around the market once before purchasing. This will allow you to take stock of the full inventory instead of making snap purchases.
  • Take advantage of samples. Try stuff before you commit to buying it!

Most importantly, have fun shopping with the locals, and be sure to watch your money. Pick pocketing can happen, but if you are smart and paying attention, you should be fine. Have fun shopping the treasures of France!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spotlight: Esperance

Esperance is a one-of-a-kind luxury barge. Available for charter, she includes a staff dedicated to providing guests with the highest standers of service- sure to create a lasting impression. She is a truly unique vessel that will provide guests with a completely authentic and different experience while traveling though France.

Rebuilt as a private yacht with customized furniture and hand-made ceramics, Esperance has all the amenities guests would expect on a luxury barge. With bright, vibrant colors, spacious private and public quarters, and numerous windows through which guests can take in the beauty of the French countryside as the ship drifts peacefully through the river, no passenger on board will be left feeling undaunted by the natural scenery France provides. The comfort of Esperance, paired with the culture, sights, and cuisine of France is what will have guests wishing they had booked a longer stay. The Esperance features a private chef and crew who are all knowledgeable and prepared for all guests’ requests. The high quality service, as well as the immaculate ship, ensures passengers will experience complete luxury and relaxation while on board.

The Esperance has three luxurious staterooms on board; each has been designed with great care to provide luxurious furnishings as well as a high level of sophistication. All staterooms have individual climate control, along with plenty of windows to let in the beautiful French scenery, as well as satellite TV with a DVD player. The master cabin sits at 270 square feet and is not only comfortable, but also incredibly chic. It features a grand en suite shower room and separate en suite bathroom, complete with toilet, bidet, and washbasin. For the added sophistication, an antique claw-foot bathtub sits in a beautifully tiled cozy corner of the suite.

We invite our guests to get comfortable, relax, and imagine yourself enjoying the riches of France from the luxury of Esperance- where every experience, from dining to relaxing, promises to provide a luxurious and memorable time. This is not a vacation you will can only dream of, it is right here waiting for you and up to five other guests. To learn more, visit our website here

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