Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Spotlight: Golden Odyssey

The Golden Odyssey is designed to bring classic 5-star yacht quality to the European waters. Newly rebuilt with the finest materials to the highest international yacht Standards, Golden Odyssey marks a departure from the usual barge cruise experience. Originally names Drie Gezusters (Three Sisters), and launched in 1926 for a Dutch captain with three daughters, Golden Odyssey spent her working life carrying cargo to all part of Europe. At what seemed like the end of her career she was bought by a yachtsman who admired her fine lines and high quality construction. The painstaking conversion that followed was guided by the twin watchwords of quality and taste. Thus the reborn barge yacht has conserved her lines, but all else in new.

While many guests will simply overlook the main engine and associated systems, for others it is the subject of deep appreciation. Industry diesel motors are legendary among older generations of barge captains and the Golden Odyssey’s has been totally re-built to ensure that she still benefits from the technology developed later on. As to the other systems, it will take a more dedicated engineer to maintain his interest, but trust us when we say that the ship has been completely remodeled to maintain its historic relevance as well as maintain the significance of its part and history of shipbuilding.

The canal barge Golden Odyssey is designed to bring classic yacht quality to the European canals and rivers. Newly rebuilt with the finest materials and to the highest International Yacht Standards, she marks a departure from the usual canal barge cruise experience. Colden Odyssey is a luxurious barge with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel. This spacious ship measures 110 ft. in length. There are three onboard cabins that provide plush accommodations for six passengers, however, with special request there is a fourth cabin that can be prepared to allow more travellers. This cruise is perfect for a small group to enjoy an intimate cruising experience through France.

If you would like more information of the Golden Odyssey, please visit the France Cruises website at http://francecruises.com/barge-192-Golden%20Odyssey-1690.html#conttt, or call U.S. toll-free 1-866-498-3920.


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